The House Update + 5 Videos!

We have our first update!

We have been testing the waters with our new channel and you all love it! So, we've decided to make a few changes to make our channel better:

  • We finalized our art design
    • This means thumbnails, social media posts, video overlays, and more!
  • We are adding a rating system to "Let's Eat" so it's more than just eating the food
  • We are adding guests to Kolin's Crazy Kitchen, want on? Email us:
  • We purchased some equipment to make our videos better
    • Lights, Mics, Tripod, and we are seeking another iPhone for shooting 2 videos at once to capture some up-close moments

Finally, we want to announce how you can help:

  • Share our videos (yay)!
  • Tag friends
  • Sponsor an episode
    • No, we don't want your money (unless you want us to use it for you) we want your food! If you'd help us make more bad ass recipes or try more exotic foods, consider donating us the food and we will give you video credits and a shout out in the video!

As a bonus, here are 5 NEW videos on the old format but with the new artwork we worked up, enjoy!