The Making Of The Milk Man


I’m back to defend my title as the undisputed “Food Loving Champion Of The World.”

So, how does one go about making your milk dreams a reality?

1. I Like Big Tubs And I Cannot Lie: On 8/17/18 at 2:43 I fired off the tweet below to get the ball rolling. Almost immediately, I got a text with someone wanting me to come pick up their beautiful claw foot tub that was later used for the shoot then donated to Habitat For Humanity.

2. Doing Things The Milky Way: I grabbed my measuring cup and poured several glasses of various amounts of milk and cut it with water until I found the perfect combo. 

3. Let’s Get Loopy: Then I hit the store and grabbed 10 gallons of whole milk and 2 huge bags of knock-off Fruit Loops. Yum!

4. From Milk Dud to Milk Stud: If you know me well, the term “extra” gets thrown at me a lot. To me though, I believe if you’re going to do something you might as well do it right. So, I called in the experts (huge thanks to Regan Shorter and Austin Schwinn) for some professional photography and drone footage. 

That only leaves one question: why do my friends love me so much? <3

Check out the entire behind-the-scenes footage below. Time to break the internet!