Mexico City - The Adventures of Chris Cox


Those of you who know me well know I'm no stranger to graphic design. I like to spend my time creating doodles, logos, and crazy ideas like a travel poster series! I often start the process by sketching out the loose idea in my head and it starts to slowly evolve after research, inspiration, and almost always soliciting input from others.

Chris Cox Mexico City Travel Poster

I've always enjoyed my visits to Mexico. I boast that I can speak fluent Spanish when I'm drunk — it's half true. Day of the Dead has always been one of the most imaginative festivals to me.  After seeing "Spectre" & "Coco" they really sent me over the top and I knew I needed to book a trip and experience it for myself! I'm lucky to be joined by my friend Edgar who I have known since grade school. Edgar hails from Oaxaca - which, wildly enough, Childish Gambino name-drops in "This Is America." I'm excited to explore a new city and a new culture at such a unique celebration.

At The House, we have several graphic designers, including myself! So don't just consider us in terms of digital marketing and website design but think of it as a one-stop-shop for any design from logos to comic book style travel posters. We'll help you with any art piece no matter how large or small.