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Maples Barbecue - Oklahoma City’s Newest Barbecue Joint

Grab a fork and some friends for our in-depth Maples Barbecue episode of Let’s Eat!

Maples Barbecue is the newest restaurant to come to Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Offering a range of amazingly smoked meats and delicious sides, not to mention a full service bar, it’s soon to be one hot summer spot!

When I approached Maples’ building, I was instantly taken with their bright but tame color scheme, the super clean lines, and a gorgeous Dusty Gilpin mural! Then I felt something even more magical start to happen to my nose as I was seduced by the sweet aroma of Post Oak and, what I would later find out to be, brisket!


Aesthetically Pleasing In A Minimalist Way

While it’s nothing flashy, it’s also nothing short of exactly how I would want to enjoy some BBQ. Maples has a picnic style set up: picnic tables, self-serve stations, and you order at their carving station. Oh, and if you’re like me this is important… allll the napkins are right at your fingertips. All this and they have a gorgeous full service bar featuring an Old Fashioned with in-house smoked maple syrup.

The Maple’s Old Fashioned is dangerously good
— Selena Skorman, Plaza District Director

“Half Fatty, Half Lean”

When you smoke brisket for 14-16 hours a day, you’re going to have some tender meat. To maximize your flavor though, and this is straight from Zach's mouth, you’re going to want to go right down the middle and get a half fatty and half lean cut. Bonus: Maples is Whole 30 and Gluten Free!

Keeping Oklahoma A Local Place

Maples is local, all the way down to the wood they use to smoke their meat. They’ve got locally sourced sausage, a smoker that was designed and forged locally, and they make theis sauce in house. While Maples is a new restaurant, you might recognize them from their food truck, where they originally started. Now that they have their own space (oh, and did I mention a bar?), their menu, hours, and quality have nothing but improved.

Good Places And Good People

Less of a review on Maples and more of an observation of OKC - I’ve noticed a positive shift in the quality of the hospitality industry and Oklahoma City, and I am LOVING it! Oklahoma as a whole continues to, slowly, move in the right direction in terms of keeping great people and enticing new ones to live here. I’d like to thank all those people, like Selena and Zach, who make my city a better place to live.

The Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

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Maple's BBQ OKC and Plaza District Director with The Chris Cox

Written & Hosted by: Chris Cox

Produced by: The House OKC

Photography: Regan Shorter

Filmed & Edited by: Josh Robinson

Copy Edited by: Lindsey Marcus

Special thanks to Zach, Selena, the Maples Barbecue staff, and the Plaza District!