Made To Order

Okie Pokie And Noodee Menu Design & Flow

When working with clients, we always start our relationship with marketing since that is my forte. Eventually, the relationship grows and I feel confident stepping outside the marketing bubble. For Okie Pokie and Noodee, I worked with Michelle to make their menu not only look good, but also function more effectively. Below you can see the minimalistic and clean design I created for their menu, but the problem was larger than creating a quickly digestible and order-oriented menu layout.

Okie Pokie Oklahoma City

Creating the menu was step one to developing a better flow at Okie Pokie and Noodee. They needed a menu with a walkthrough of “Build Your Own Bowl” items that were in an order that optimized bowl-building speed. On top of that, we wanted to offer a clean read and a smaller menu size for portability.

Okie Pokie OKC

The secondary goal of creating a new menu was to speed up the decision time it would take for guests once they approach the order counter. Being able to give guests a a menu as soon as they queue up helps eliminate a lot of decision time so Okie Pokie and Noodee can focus on doing what they do best, making delicious poké and noodle bowls!

Photography by: Regan Shorter