Okie Pokie - Let's Eat Ep. 3

Okie Pokie Brings Convenience, Healthy Options, and Seafood To OKC!

Okie Pokie is a new, locally owned, refreshing poke bowl concept right here in Oklahoma City. Originating in Hawaii, the poke bowl has finally made its way to OKC in the Uptown 23rd District! Okie Pokie is the brainchild of the owners of Chick N Beer, and the late Guernsey Park, and they are introducing a concept to OKC that has yet to be explored - not to mention adding some of their flavorfully famous Asian flair. In a bold move to "build-it-yourself" Okie Pokie is taking the "Chipotle Way" of choosing your own ingredients - from the base layer of rice or lettuce, to the protein choices of tuna, salmon, shrimp, spam (yea), and more and a delicious list of toppings, seasonings, and sauces after that. 

Fear not timid Oklahoman! They also offer a number of signature bowls if your palette needs guidance.

I was joined by a Kolin impersonator, who I'm being told actually goes by Lauren, on a quest to try raw fish, vegetables, and rice. But really, do you hear those words in Oklahoma often?

Okie Pokie quenched my hunger offering me a unique textured meal with a sweet yet hovering spice all for $10 - and yes, I took the bowl home and finished it for dinner. Lauren, ahem, Kolin, went the sweeter route adding seaweed salad cucumbers and sesame oil.