Hall's Pizza Kitchen - Let's Eat

Hall’s Pizza Kitchen - Pizza Paradise

Welcome to Season 2 of Let’s Eat! I had the honor of spending one lovely Saturday morning with Molly Hall at Hall’s Pizza Kitchen — located in the Midtown district in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The moment you enter Hall’s Pizza, the ambience takes ahold of you. The restaurant is beautiful! I can easily see myself spending hours just relaxing and enjoying some slices or sweet treats. Can you believe it used to be an old tire shop with a drive-thru car wash? That’s why I’ve given Hall’s Pizza Kitchen the nickname of “Pizza Paradise.” Sounds nice, huh?

Not only does Hall’s have killer ambience and great views of Oklahoma City, but they’ve got AMAZING food. Everything at Hall’s is made in-house. Start your visit off with one of their delicious appetizers; my money’s on the Quinn’s Burrata, or if you’re wild, the Take Me On A Date is a unique dish based on roasted dates.

Next up is the hardest decision you’ll make, pizza! All their pizzas are delectable, wood fired, and topped with unique ingredients you won’t find just anywhere. The staple of Hall’s though is their Saturday Night—its name comes from the Hall family hosting parties on Saturdays and inviting everyone over and making this pizza. A few friends were vocal about how delicious it was and lo and behold the Hall’s family started a pizza truck! No matter your pizza preference, even if you’re a picky pizza person, you’ll enjoy anything on their menu.

Now, we can’t forget dessert! The choices are pretty endless here, with new items regularly and a birthday cake special on the weekends (and it’s a must-have if you get the chance). If you’re a classic guy like me you’ll enjoy their Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie, but get a little adventurous and branch out to things like their Apple Streusel Cake and you won’t regret it.

Who Wants to Win Some Free Pizza?

Let’s Eat is produced by The House OKC and is not affiliated with or sponsored by the restaurants we visit, unless stated otherwise. However, Molly Hall has given us a $25 gift card to help promote Season 2 of Let’s Eat. Thanks, Molly! All you have to do is share this post and tag us to get your entry. You can get an extra entry if you join our mailing list below.

Thank You!

Thank you to Hall’s Pizza Kitchen, Molly Hall, and the Hall’s staff for letting us visit on a Saturday morning. Thank you to Josh Robinson for recording and editing, Regan Shorter for the amazing photography, and Cole Cowan for running audio for his first time ever! Special thanks to all my family, friends, and fans that continue to push me to make more content and to keep mastering my craft. I am very proud of this episode, and the quality keeps growing and growing!

Molly Hall & Chris Cox at Hall’s Pizza Kitchen in Oklahoma City

Molly Hall & Chris Cox at Hall’s Pizza Kitchen in Oklahoma City