Guernsey Park Sushi Challenge - Let's Eat Ep. 1

Welcome to episode one of Let's Eat, with host Chris Cox!

Today we visited Guernsey Park for an All You Can Eat Sushi fundraising challenge for Uptown 23rd with guest Greg Elwell from and Kolin from Kolin's Crazy Kitchen.

We ate sushi that was sweet, savory, and f*cking hot.

Kolin taught us all some karate moves, as we all taught Kolin how to use chopsticks.

Kolin had some Death Nectar hot sauce in one of his sushi pieces, which equates to 337,000 Scoville Units. Since I felt bad for the guy, I had some myself... it was a nightmare.

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In the end, the night was a success. We sent out an SOS, drank a LOT of Jinro, and enjoyed what I'd dub the best sushi in Oklahoma City.


  • Jinro Commercial: 1:02
  • California Roll: 2:29
  • Guernsey Park Roll: 4:57
  • Kolin Tries Chopsticks: 6:37
  • Smoked Salmon Roll: 7:51
  • Cooked Crab Roll: 10:20
  • QVC for GP: 10:52
  • Kolin's Chopstick Lessons: 11:50
  • Kung Fu Kolin: 13:59
  • Spicy Tuna Roll: 14:31
  • Kolin Still Can't Use Chopsticks: 14:53
  • Kolin Needs A Spoon: 16:16
  • Gojasu Roll: 17:17
  • Greg Has A Flashback: 19:52
  • Chris' Confession: 20:42

Huge thanks to:

Guernsey Park for hosting us and letting us get the VIP treatment.

Greg and Kolin for being great guests.

Josh Robinson for being the most deluxe cameraman available! - He's for hire!