The COOP Troupe

Bigger, Better, & Boozier - COOP Lands The Armory

By now you've heard the news, COOP Ale Works is moving to the 23rd Street Armory. It's a huge undertaking in a beautiful space, in the heart of OKC. The House is joining up with the good folks at COOP to document the process of creating the largest brewery the state has ever seen.

When we work with such a recognizable brand, it's important we craft a story that really shows the character of the client. COOP, in our eyes, is Oklahoma's craft-beer-pioneer, paving the way for fellow Oklahoma brewers and breaking stigmas that Oklahoma doesn't have good craft beer. Look, I'm a lover not a fighter -- but I'm more than willing to defend the great local beer that's been pouring around the state.

Cheers to COOP on the new space! We're excited to be working on such a large project with you.

Photography by: Regan Shorter