Blind Beer Taste Test - Pump Bar

Grab Your Buds, For Our Domestic Beer Blind Taste Test

The Panel

Have you ever asked yourself “What domestic beer taste the best?” No? Okay, well I did the research anyways and I was able to wrangle some local authorities to create the ultimate panel.

  • Jared Morris - Beer consumer & Pump Bar angel investor

  • Adrienne - Stonecloud guru

  • Andrew - Vanessa House bro

  • Micki - Prairie Ale hellion

  • Ian McDermid - Pump Bar papa

The Goal

We were determined to try as many domestic beers as possible and rank each one to determine what domestic beer is the best! The ranking system used was BEST, OKAY, and NOPE. As you can see, the panelists got a little carried away though we did end up with a winner!

The Beer

  1. Budweiser

  2. Bud Light

  3. Miller Light

  4. Miller Highlife

  5. Coors Light

  6. Coors OG

  7. Natural Light

  8. Keystone

  9. PBR

  10. Blue Moon

  11. Hamms

  12. Lonestar

  13. Busch

  14. Old English

Blind Beer Taste Test result sheets. Featuring the ranking of “too cold to write.”

Blind Beer Taste Test result sheets. Featuring the ranking of “too cold to write.”

Winner Winner, Beer & Chicken Dinner!

Our panels vote for the best domestic beer was no other than:

Thank You!

Thank you to The Pump for sponsoring the episode, alcohol, and providing the venue. Thank you to Hailey McDermid for helping coordinate the shoot. Thank you to Ian McDermid, Micki Bell, Andrew Carrales, Adrienne Jaskula , and Jared Morris for being my guests in the super cold and Becky Ginn for being the hostess with the mostest! Shout out Josh Robinson for shooting this episode and being nearly completely frozen solid.

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