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Big Truck Tacos—Moms Love It, And So Do I!

Big Truck Tacos in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Photo by: Regan Shorter on behalf of The House OKC

Big Truck Tacos in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Photo by: Regan Shorter on behalf of The House OKC

A Brief History of Big Truck Tacos

“Big Truck Tacos started with the dream of a rolling kitchen serving Mexican street food with a chef’s twist. We started with one truck and a small brick and mortar restaurant. The response to our little project forced us to quickly add more kitchen space and two more trucks to keep up with the demand. In our second year, Big Truck was voted America’s Favorite Food Truck in a nationwide contest on Food Network.”

Founded on May 5th, 2009 with Kathryn Mathis, Executive Chef and Owner, leading the charge.

Located in the Uptown 23rd District at 530 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Taco ‘Bout A Good Time

When we visited, we decided to try the classics Rita’s Chicken and The Rancher, the mysterious Fifth Amendment, the weekly special Cuban Bowl, and a vegan option— Smo-Fu Picadillo. Each dish was so different than the last, but just as tasty! Big Truck is one of the restaurants I’ve been going back to time and time again, and I’ve never had a single bad experience. To me, Big Truck Tacos is one of Oklahoma City’s food pioneers. I remember hearing about them in high school, and I had a few things run through my mind: (1) Who wants truckstop tacos? and (2) Who puts a restaurant on NW 23rd Street? At the time Uptown 23rd District/NW 23rd wasn’t what you see today. Luckily, my mom brought me some tacos from there, and although I still thought it was from a truck stop due to the tin-foil wrapping, and my mouth was SO happy I went for lunch the next day. If I remember right, I think I made it back to class in time too!

Big Truck Tacos is the taco-version definition of something to call home about. Granted, I had the opposite experience—instead of me calling my mom about this place, she thought it was important enough to bring me tacos. Also, let me just interject here, if someone loves you enough to bring you tacos, well, then you’ve got it made! If you’re reading this and you’ve never been or you're from out of state, I’m urging you to take a “Taco Tour Trip” with a stop at Big Truck Tacos. I guarantee you’ll love these tacos, or your money back!*

*I can’t actually guarantee that, but I’ve always wanted to say it.

I Plead The Fifth

Who says food can’t be fun and mysterious? Sure, I like to know exactly what I’m getting, but when I visit Big Truck I always tag on a Fifth Amendment taco to my order. They won’t tell you what it is like their job depends on it, trust me I’ve tried, but I’ve only been disappointed in it one time (some sort of scallops-based taco). Nearly every other time though I’ve asked myself, “How is this not on the menu?!” But it makes it fun rolling the dice and testing your luck. So, if you’re an adventurous eater and want to try something fun—grab yourself a Fifth Amendment!

Chris Cox chowing down on some Big Truck Tacos.  Photo by: Regan Shorter on behalf of The House OKC

Chris Cox chowing down on some Big Truck Tacos.
Photo by: Regan Shorter on behalf of The House OKC

The Whole Enchilada (Our Review)

Menu & Variety

Big Truck’s menu has something for everyone. We’re talking vegan options, meat lovers, gluten-free, spicy, mild, and a constantly rotating special, rotating daily tacos, and a monthly rotating salsa. While those who are vegan or following certain diets have less of a menu to choose from, you are welcome at Big Truck! Also, we like to consider how their menu functions: is it for dates, business meetings, big parties? It’s not too often a restaurant fits the bill for all the above. With their ordering style of each taco being sold separately, you can go solo or swing by their drive-thru, take a date and split queso, or bring the whole office and grab all the appetizers—oh, and they have beer! With that, we give their menu and its variety a 4/5. We want to see them expand on vegan options, specifically with some impossible burger “meat” or something similar.


In my opinion, pricing is a very important aspect to going out, and you can ask most people that I would argue restaurants like Cheever’s Cafe are not expensive, in terms of value. Big Truck Tacos, for me, ranks the same. I think you get exactly what you pay for and then some; the value more than the price benefits the customer—and I like that! For those who want a fair price breakdown, if you go with a friend, split some queso and enjoy 2 tacos and waters, and you’re looking at about $11 each. For me, lunch should be around $10, but this is a splurge since you’re enjoying fast service and an appetizer and some damn delicious food. We give Big Truck Tacos a 5/5 on their price & value.


With counter service, it’s hard to offer Big Truck a fair review compared to other restaurants. I will say though, you get your food made-to-order in record speed and they keep the restaurant clean and are bussing dishes left and right to keep everyone comfortable.

Aesthetic & Atmosphere & Accommodations (AAA)

Recently remodeled, Big Truck Tacos has really cleaned their restaurant up (not that it was in bad shape) to be more reflective of what they offer and who they are. The walls are adorned with awards from competitions and news clippings and all sorts of taco shirts. The colors are bright and vibrant, just like the food, baskets, picnic tables, and the people working there! Everything really comes together great.

Big Truck Tacos is a victim of their building, though I’ve never had an issue and they even have signage that reads “order first, then find a seat. It will all work out, we promise” and 99% of the time that’s held true, but I would be hesitant to bring a larger group.

As far as accommodations, I’m unsure if they have wifi. I am sure of how clean their bathrooms are, they offer outdoor seating, and have a drive-thru window. Indoor seating is a variation of bar style, large group tables, and a few smaller tables. With limited seating and smaller indoor space (though countered by their drive-thru window and two food trucks) I’m giving Big Truck a 4/5 on AAA.

Food Portability

This one’s easy for Big Truck: their food is super portable and designed for a to-go lifestyle. Grab a few tacos or grab a ton—it’s all going to work out great! Big Truck deserves a 5/5 for food portability.

What do they do really well

If I had to REALLY narrow it down, it’s quality of food and how fast you get your order. It’s such a great spot for a quick bite where you don’t even have to settle for quality. I’m actually going to sneak in one more thing they do well, and that’s the constant variety. I wholeheartedly believe these two things have kept them in business for 10+ years.

What needs improvement

It’s hard to really offer Big Truck too much advice for areas they can improve on; they really do crush it. Again, while they do have several vegan and diet-conscious options, I think I’d like to see them play around more with plant-based proteins.

My favorite thing at Big Truck Tacos

If we’re talking tacos, I always order a Fifth Amendment. But, my favorite thing at Big Truck is the salsa variety! I’m a huge fan of the “Asphalt,” their mango-forward salsa that has a nice sweet heat to it. Listen, these salsa are special. Really special. Like "save half your plate for a sea of salsa" special. I’ve been to Big Truck Tacos somewhere in the upper double digits, and EVERY TIME I do the same thing: work my way through all their salsas. Every. Single. Time.

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Story: Chris C. Cox

Story Editor: Lindsey Marcus

Photography: Regan Shorter

Location: Big Truck Tacos

This review was not paid for or endorsed by Big Truck Tacos, or anyone for that matter.

Chris Cox, Austin, and Regan Shorter at Big Truck Tacos. Have you ever seen a photo that made you want to say #squadgoals more than this one?  Photo by: Regan Shorter on behalf of The House OKC

Chris Cox, Austin, and Regan Shorter at Big Truck Tacos. Have you ever seen a photo that made you want to say #squadgoals more than this one?

Photo by: Regan Shorter on behalf of The House OKC