COOP Ale Works Between Two Ferms - Series 2

COOP Ale Works’ “Between Two Ferms” Series Two Is Here!

COOP Elevator Wheat

COOP Ale Works’ Elevator Wheat is one of the COOP originals from 2009. It started out as “Zeppelin” then in about 2013 they swapped the name due to another brewer using the same name. Tune in to this episode for some NERD ALERTS and a full profile of one of COOP’s first beers.

COOP Gran Sport Porter

The Gran Sport Porter is another COOP original that’s made its way to a seasonal beer that hits the market each December. So grab your cold weather beer and cold weather COOP gear, and check out this episode of “Between Two Ferms."

COOP Saturday Siren

Inspired by the Oklahoma tornado siren, Saturday Siren is one of COOP’s newest beers. It started out as a Summertime seasonal beer but performed so well it’s become a year-round beer!

We always have a great time hanging out with the good people at COOP Ale Works, and we are beyond grateful we get the opportunity to work with them on their “Between Two Ferms” series. If you haven’t checked out their beers yet, take our super-biased opinion and go grab a few!