COOP Between Two Ferms - DNR, F5, Horny Toad

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When COOP Ale Works approached Out Of This World Marketing to do a series on their unique beers and their taste, “Between Two Ferms” was born. COOP’s team crafted a concept and title, and we had the opportunity to execute their vision. The first three episodes were shot on-site in COOP’s taproom. The set-up was:

  • 1 tripod camera that was stationary for the wide shot

  • 1 tripod camera for tight shots and zooms

  • A 3-part light kit

  • Boom mic

  • Beer, beer, and more beer

Give COOP some love and check out the DNR episode below, featuring Blake & “Blake’s Bitch” aka Will:

The F5 IPA was the first COOP beer I had the opportunity to try. It was probably around 4 years ago at a soft opening for Bricktown Brewery, and I was blown away by how much flavor they could pack into that little can! Enjoy the F5 episode here:

If you’re looking for a great go-to blonde, the Horny Toad happens to be one of Blake and Will’s favorite beers — they even boast it’s the one they drink the most often. Did you know the Horny Toad actually used to be advertised as a cerveza? Check out all the nuggets of info on the Horny Toad here:

So, if you’re down with the local beer scene, hop over to COOP’s YouTube page and hit that subscribe button!