Vanessa House Streaming League - June 2019

Oklahoma City Gaming Tournaments

Ultimate Chicken Horse | Vanessa House Streaming League May 2019

Join us through the year each Monday for a streamed video game tournament. Entry is free and prizes are awesome! *Due to the nature of the prizes, entry is 21+ but the taproom is all ages so bring some friends to cheer you on.

This month’s sponsor is Pub W.


  • Weekly: VHBC gift cards and random Plinko Board Prizes

  • Monthly: $75 gift card to Pub W & a VHBC gift card

  • Quarterly: A custom beer mug that you can drink out of while you visit the taproom!

June 2019 RULES

We will be playing Ultimate Chicken Horse with custom rules.

The more players or friends you bring, the more points you can all earn!

A monthly overall winner will be selected for the monthly prize. Also, the top 10 winners of each month will earn points that will carry over for quarterly winners.


  1. lndrysauce 83

  2. Vic 76

  3. Bubo 32

  4. Deadman 25

  5. Zute 15

  6. Adam 13

  7. Kyle, Chris, & Fishfrog 9

  8. Miriam 6

  9. ASMR 3 &Rezzo 3

Quarterly SCOREBOARD 6/1/19 - 8/31/19:

Coming soon

Week 1

We had a blast playing Ultimate Chicken Horse at Vanessa House Beer Co. There was a bit of a learning curve and a LOT of trolling but at the end of the night everyone had an ultimate time! This weeks winner was returning gamer, lndrysauce.

Week 2

Vanessa House Gaming League Week 2 Random Plinko Prize Awards

Vanessa House Gaming League Week 2 Random Plinko Prize Awards

Week 3

Week 4

Our final week of our gaming live stream of Ultimate Chicken Horse at Vanessa House Beer Co. was a blast. In the end lndrysauce came out the winner and went home with a $75 giftcard to Pub W! We also have Bubo win our $20 steam card with out new Prize Drop we are doing.

*This tournament is a work and progress and this page is subject to change. Vanessa House Beer Co. and The House OKC reserve the right to update this page as necessary.