Vanessa House Streaming League - July 2019

Oklahoma City Super Smash Tournament

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate | Vanessa House Streaming League July 2019

Join us through the year each Monday for a streamed video game tournament. Entry is free and prizes are awesome! *Due to the nature of the prizes, entry is 21+ but the taproom is all ages so bring some friends to cheer you on.

This month’s sponsor is The Mule.


  • Weekly: VHBC gift cards and random Plinko Board Prizes

  • Monthly: $50 gift card to The Mule & a VHBC gift card

  • Quarterly: A custom beer mug that you can drink out of while you visit the taproom!

July 2019 RULES

We will play Tournament Mode with the corresponding number of participants that play each Monday. You will earn one point per person for participating, one point per victory, and bonus points for: 1st = 5, 2nd = 3, 3rd = 2 4th = 1. Points will be added each week to determine an overall winner. The more players or friends you bring, the more points you can all earn! A monthly overall winner for March will be selected and the top 10 winners of each month will earn points that will carry over for quarterly winners.

  • Style: Stock

  • Stock: 3 Lives

  • Time Limit: 3:00

  • Final Smash Meter: On

  • Spirits: Off

  • CPU Level: NONE

  • Damage Handicap: Off

  • Stage Selection: Host

  • Items: Off

  • Advanced Rules:

    • Damage Ratio: 1.0x

    • Pause: Off

    • Hazard Toggle: Off

  • Mii Characters: Not allowed

  • Any Nintendo made controller is allowed


  1. BWILL 16

  2. Vic 14

  3. Bubo 9

  4. Blaze 8

  5. Jordy 6

  6. Deadman 4

  7. Krillin 4

  8. lndrysauce 4

  9. Ryan 2

  10. Cotterface 1

  11. Plumdog Millionaire 1

  12. Ally 1

Quarterly SCOREBOARD 6/1/19 - 8/31/19:

  1. lndrysauce 10

  2. Vic 9

  3. Bubo 8

  4. Deadman 7

  5. Zute 6

  6. Adam 5

  7. Kyle, Chris, & Fishfrog 4

  8. Miriam3

  9. ASMR 3 &Rezzo 2

Week 1

We’re back to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate at Vanessa House Beer Company and the people are loving it! Join us on Monday’s at 7pm in the taproom for a free, casual, and fun tournament each week.

Week 2

Week 2 was a blast! Blaze and BWill entertained the crowd with their ridiculous skill and Blaze went home with a retro Mario Themed Nintendo Switch carrying case thanks to our new Plinko Prize Drop!

Week 3

Week 4

*This tournament is a work and progress and this page is subject to change. Vanessa House Beer Co. and The House OKC reserve the right to update this page as necessary.